• Our commitment and gratitude to our sponsors and donors is unyielding.
  • Information concerning the award of public funding is based upon desire for transparency on the award, use and accounting of all public funds. 
  • Except where required by law, private donors can be assured that their information is never sold, used or disclosed without their express permission.  You will be contacted before any disclosure of your data is made.
  • We do not sell, barter, trade or lend data collected in the course of the operation of organization.
  • We do use aggragated data to support the application and financial reporting of grants.  This data does not utilize or disclose personal information such as name, address, contact information or email address.

The Board of Directors are keenly aware that because CRWDA receives funding from public entities, corporations, private individuals and foundations, we have a responsibility to operate with transparency, accountability and integrity.  We are committed to making a full and complete accounting of all public funds and have filed all required reports to all funding agencies as required.

We also recognize our responsibility to the privacy of our private donors and foundations.  We do not disclose the identity of our donors without their express permission, subject to the requirements of law.  We do not sell, transfer, barter, trade or provide the information and data generated from the operation of the corporation without permission.  We do disclose aggregate financial information which does not disclose personally identifiable information in order to provide transperancy in the operation of the corporation and the provision and advancement of our charitable mission.

That said, CRWDA provides the following financial information.  We will maintain this information on this website for no less than five years and no more than ten years.  Requests for data older than 10 years may be honored.​​

CRWDA does not now, nor has it ever, accept donations from any foreign governments, agencies, departments or agents.

Form 990


  • 100% of CRWDA’s income from 2017 were utilized for charitable purposes in 2018.
  • 2018 incomes will likely exceed $125,000
  • 2018 expenses will likely be less than $80,000
  • CRWDA received or will receive funding from corporate sponsors, private foundations, public entities, individual donors and a direct appropriation from the Utah Legislature.
  • CRWDA filed all accountings and financial reports required by our funders.
    • No exception, items of interest or areas of improvement were noted in any financial reviews.
  • Our 2018 income will require us to file a 990 in 2019. 
  • Fiscal management includes an annual budget, a board level treasurer and independent certified public accountant.
    • Fiscal management is supervised by the President who reports to the Board Chair.
  • An independent audit of our 2018 fiscal management. 
  • We anticipate that 100% of the members of the Board of Directors will be donors to the organization.


  • 100% of the original members of the original Board of Directors were also donors.
  • Total income for 2017 was less than $1,000.
  • CRWDA had no expenses in 2017.
  • Because its income did not exceed statutory thresholds, CRWDA was only required to file FORM 990-N for 2017 and did so in 2018.
  • CRWDA paid no salaries, had no employees, contractors or vendors.
  • No audit was performed for 2017 as no monies were spent.

EIN: 82-1829480